Most People have Forgotten About This Abandoned Place in Kentucky

Kentucky harbors numerous hidden treasures and historical landmarks, yet some have faded into obscurity amid the relentless march of time and progress. Among these overlooked sites stands the Red Bridge, a former railroad marvel spanning the Kentucky River near Frankfort. Once a vital artery for transportation and commerce, the Red Bridge now languishes abandoned and deteriorating, serving as a haunting relic of days gone by.

The History of the Red Bridge

Constructed in 1893 by the Louisville and Nashville Railroad as part of the Frankfort and Cincinnati Railroad line, the Red Bridge was the brainchild of Albert Fink, a pioneering German-American engineer renowned for his innovative use of wrought iron in bridge construction.

Its striking red hue, achieved by coating the iron with red lead oxide to stave off corrosion, lent the bridge its iconic name. Standing at 1,125 feet long and 283 feet high, it ranked among the longest and tallest railroad bridges globally, facilitating passage for both passengers and freight trains between Frankfort, Lexington, and Cincinnati. Its awe-inspiring engineering and scenic vistas made it a favored destination for tourists.

The Decline and Abandonment of the Red Bridge

For over eight decades, the Red Bridge dutifully served its purpose until the decline of the railroad industry in the mid-20th century rendered it obsolete and financially burdensome to maintain. As newer, swifter modes of transportation emerged, the bridge fell into disuse.

The final train crossed its span in 1975, and by 1978, it was officially closed. Despite attempts by a private owner to repurpose it into a pedestrian and bicycle trail, such plans never came to fruition. Neglected and exposed to the elements, the bridge succumbed to vandalism, weathering, and encroaching vegetation, rendering it perilous and inaccessible. Though designated a National Historic Place in 1979, no efforts were made to preserve it.

The Future of the Red Bridge

Today, the Red Bridge’s future hangs in limbo. Owned by the Kentucky River Authority, it remains untouched by restoration or demolition plans, viewed as a liability endangering public safety and waterway navigation. Its lead-based paint poses environmental hazards, yet it stands off-limits to the public, with trespassers facing legal repercussions. Slowly succumbing to nature’s embrace, the bridge stands as a silent testament to Kentucky’s past but uncertain future.


The Red Bridge, once a bustling conduit of Kentucky’s history and economy, now stands forgotten, emblematic of the rise and fall of the industrial age. While its eerie allure captivates observers, it also serves as a poignant reminder of neglect and decay. As it fades from view, the Red Bridge leaves behind a legacy intertwined with the state’s heritage, uncertain if it will ever find a place in its future.

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